About Me

You know what they say, when life gives you lemons, make lemonade...Or in my case, when a passion for ballet gives you a fractured spine, pick up a camera. I was a sophomore in high school at UNC School of the Arts when this event happened. My recovery period: six months. I was to remain sitting at the front of the ballet studio for the rest of the year. And as someone who likes to create and tell stories, this was torture. Photography was my creative escape. It was joyful to capture my friends performing on stage through my camera, while I was tucked in the wings. I felt like I was still a part of the performance, even though the idea of performing was months away. 

Photographing my fellow dancers continued throughout high school following my injury, and even in college for Wake Forest University's Dance Company. Eventually, my portfolio extended from ballerinas to basketball players, thanks to the opportunity to shoot for "The Old Gold & Black." 

Today, I'm a Tar Heel as I am pursuing my master's in strategic communication at UNC Chapel Hill's Hussman School of Journalism and Media. I also photograph a variety of sports for GoHeels Productions and UNCUT - Go Heels!

As a former dancer, I believe that every day is the opportunity to perform at your best - whether you're an artist, athlete, and everything in between! So, take your places and get ready to perform your best - I'm here to capture it all!